What on earth is this?

We are a group of people who are jointly buying an island. We would love you to join us!

Is this scam?

We get why you might ask that (it’s certainly an ambitious proposal!), but no, this is not a scam. IBG Inc. is a duly registered Cayman Islands entity, founded in July 2018 with the specific goal of investing in island real estate and developing it for commercial use. Our investors’ shares are protected under Caymans law, and though we cannot guarantee returns, we strive daily to create value for our shareholders. Learn more  or Contact us to hear from our founder.

Where is the island?

We don’t know yet! There are islands for sale around the world, from Alaska to Tahiti. With our planned budget, we are looking mostly at Central American and Southeast Asian islands.

We recently completed some site visits in Belize and Malaysia, with additional visits in the works in Panama and Ireland, to name a few – check out the details on our Islands Page.
Why not more money and a larger island?

We are seeking a manageable test case for this first endeavor. This is an unproven venture, and knowing the risks involved we want to minimize the hurdles we need to overcome to reach profitability. Setting our sights on more affordable locations allows us to be more widely attractive to investors, and keeps us operating within our means, not beyond them.

How can you create a nation?

We are not purchasing terra nullius! These islands are very much a part of a host nation, and will be treated as such.

The island, while owned by IBG Inc. is a symbolic gathering place for likeminded ‘citizens’ of our online virtual nation. See our Principality of Islandia page for more details.

We plan to develop and merchandise the micronation after the purchase of the island.

How did you come up with “Principality of Islandia”?

As we love democracy here at LBI, we asked all our investors for suggestions of names and held a vote. This is a working title though, as our final island destination may inspire some new name suggestions that include local or cultural references. 

When are you buying an island?

We hope to buy an island in 2019. But everyone who has ever bought property knows that these things take some time.

What will you do with the island?

Our aim is to eventually deliver a return on investment for our shareholders. What we do with the island will depend on its price, size and location. We are working at business models for all of our final short list locations which range from glamping retreats to eco havens.

If I am an investor, how often can i visit the island?

Again this will depend on what we do with the island as well as it’s location. We will likely ringfence some of the peak season for paying guests, but investors will be welcome on the island at other times of the year. Depending on demand, a system will be put in place to ensure fair access.

Who are your investors?

We like to think we are a group of like minded individuals who value travel, adventure and meeting new people. We have so far had investor meetups in London, New York, Hong Kong, Belize, Ireland and Tallinn.

Do you have enough funds for the islands on the short list?

Currently no. Our investors at present are all friends and friends of friends. Now we are planning a public campaign to raise more funds.

What are you going to do if you don’t raise the money?

There are a number of other islands that are within budget. We will buy an island whether we raise more funds or not.

Why don’t you want to attract more people and sell cheaper shares?

Our shares are 3250 USD. Our business model aims to attract no more than 150 shareholders. This represents a mangeable group size to communicate with. Nevertheless, we will be providing some alternative opportunities for people who want to support us financially but don’t want to buy a share in the company.

Can I buy more than one share?

Yes, if you want to invest more money. Our model is one voting share per person however.

Have any more questions?

Email our founders and ask away: marshall@letsbuyanisland.com

Are you ready to join us?