Can You Buy A Country? – Hutt River Principality up for sale

Can you buy a country? This in some way is a very loaded question. One might argue that many a country has been brought over the years, be it via which country they “recognize”, aid, or even the new buzz word of vaccine diplomacy. And then of course you have lands that have actually been […]

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Want to buy an Island?

Do you want to buy an island? If you’re on this website and reading this article then you have more than likely arrived here because you have more than a passing interest in owning an island. For our members at least this idea went past casual interest and morphed into us creating a group to […]

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Islandia Declares Bir Tawil Protectorate

As one of his outgoing measures HRH Prince Regent Marshall Meyer has declared Bir Tawil a “protectorate” of the Principality of Islandia. Why has he done this? In 2019 a group of Islandians were some of the few people to ever travel to Bir Tawil. If you have not heard about Bir Tawil it is […]

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