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Islandia’s citizens are comprised of its investors, customers, and supporters from around the globe.

Become a Citizen of Islandia (with an e-ID)

Citizenship is a great way to support the project, get the insider deals as we begin offering the island for rent (and other great products!), and stay on top of everything else we’re up to!

As our own nation with our bespoke flag and national anthem, we are also able to grant some citizens titles to our land.

Get citizenship for yourself or for a friend or loved one as a gift!

You can purchase citizenship for yourself or someone else by filling in the below form and paying a small registration fee. We will e-mail you your e-ID to prove your citizenship.

Alternatively, you can become a citizen of Islandia by downloading the app and following the information and payment instructions there.

We are currently working on a number of cool accessories for our citizens, such as driver’s licence and passport, but to qualify for one of those you will first need to be a citizen.

We are now offering citizenship for $19.99, which not only makes you a full citizen but also comes with a digital ID.

Simply complete the below form, pay the fee, and we will email you your credentials.


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Price: $ 19.95

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